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[Liu Wenju Column] The path for rapid growth of employees!

For how employees grow fast, Changsong Liu, an expert in the corporate talent training system and the first person to introduce the organizational system, explains the rapid growth of enterprise employees.

[Liu Wenju Column] The path for rapid growth of employees!

Low-performing employees: imitation

a. Ability to improve performance (imitation first, fumble behind);

b. Low-performing employees set periodic goals for themselves to enhance their sense of achievement.

High-performing employees:

(Respect system, respect superiors)

a. Respecting superiors is the essential requirement of team ethics;

b. If subordinates want to obey management, they must obey management by themselves, what kind of soldiers they bring;

c. The mental model is not correct, the stronger the ability, the more reactionary, the lack of awe, and the high performance is useless.

Team Manager: Yan

a. Strict is love, leniency is harmful, management is serious love;

b. The stricter the requirements, the more cohesive, the more a sense of belonging, the more you identify with the team, the faster the ability to improve;

c. As a cadre, he dare not demand high, because he is unwilling to take responsibility.

Theater Manager: Trick

(Seeking performance, seeking subordinates, seeking customers)

a. Strategy, line up and complete tasks;

b. Thinking from a tactical perspective to a strategic perspective.

Vice President of Molecular Company: Assistant

(Assistant general manager's ability)

As a cadre, including employees, the biggest taboo is not with the leadership and the company.

Molecular company general manager: Zhong

a. Loyalty is more than ability

b. Whose flag was fired and whose gun was carried (whether everything was done from a company standpoint).

[Liu Wenju Column] The path for rapid growth of employees!


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