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Summary of literary knowledge in junior high school Chinese 1-6

Summary of literary knowledge in junior high school Chinese 1-6

Summary of literary knowledge in junior high school 1-6 (highly recommended)

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Early Chinese Characters

1. Learn from time to time, don't you care? ("The Analects of Ten") said (yuè): "Joy", happy.

2. What does the maid know? It is Zhiya. (The Ten Analects)

Female: Through "ru", you. Knowledge: "Smart", smart.

3. Bian Yan looked away and left. (Bian Yan sees Cai Yangong)) also: through "spin", turn around, turn around.

4. In the stomach and intestines, the fire is also within reach. ("Bian Yan sees Cai Yangong") Qi: Through "agent".

5, in the burden of meat, only left bone. ("Wolf") Only: Pass "only".

6, the death of the sun. ("Le Yang's Wife") Death: "None".

Hequ Zhi died in response. ("Yugong Yishan") Death: Pass "None".

7, the screen is discarded without using, it is the same as faint and mediocre. ("For Learning") Screen: Pass "exclude".

8, yellow flowers on the mirror. The fire companion was panicked. ("Magnolia Poem") Post: Through "post". Fire: "Man".

9, without him, but familiar. ("Buying Oil Man") Er: "Ear" is equivalent to "stop".

10. Struggling to cross, struggling to cross, startled a gull heron. (Li Qingzhao, such as Dream Order) Contention: "How".

11, Lu Zhuan Xitou suddenly. ("Xi Jiangyue" Xin Qiji) See you, pass "now."

Talent is nothing but seeing ("Ma said") see: "now".

When was the sudden sight of this house. ("The Thatched House Is Broken by the Autumn Wind") See: Pass "now".

12, sitting quietly, no one who dares to make a noise. ("Spoken Skill") Sitting: Pass "Block".

13, the day pulled Zhongyong Huanyu Yu people. ("Injury Zhongyong") pull: through "climb", pull, lead.

14, the cold and summer festival, a rebellion. ("Yugong Yishan") Counter: "Back".

15. It's awkward. ("Yugong Yishan") Hui: Through "hui", smart.

16. One against the east and one against the south. ("Yugong Yishan") 厝: Through "measures", placed.

17, asked Qu that it was so clear. ("Viewing the Book") Then: "Where", how.

18. There are few hills on both sides of the strait. ("Three Gorges") 阙: Through "lack".

19. Look at it with high heads. ("Leisure Feelings") Strong: Through "stiff", stiff.

20, the martyrs even more, enter through the gate. ("Two Yanzi Stories") Tao: Through "guide", guide.

21, the bound person is also a person? ("Two Yanzi Stories") 曷: Through "He".

22. The sage is not the place and Hee Ye. ("Two Yanzi Stories") Hee: Pass "play", just kidding.

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