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[Wonderful Hall] Do you know what classifications are available for turquoise bracelets?

Turquoise is one of the "four famous jade" in our country.

[Wonderful Hall] Do you know what classifications are available for turquoise bracelets?

There are many turquoise products, which are traditional jade with a long history and rich resources.

Turquoise is a high-quality jade material. As early as the Qing Dynasty in China, it was called "the gem of heaven". At that time, it was already regarded as an auspicious and holy relic. Turquoise is very different in color due to the elements it contains. Oxides appear blue when copper is present and green when iron is present. Among them, blue, dark blue, slightly transparent or opaque, uniform color, delicate appearance, soft light, no brown iron wire is the best quality. The international gemstone industry divides turquoise into four grades: the first grade is Persian; the second grade is American; the third grade is Egyptian; the fourth grade is Afghanistan. The first grade is the best quality turquoise.

The texture of turquoise is delicate and soft, the hardness is moderate, and the colors are delicate and soft, but the hardness, color and quality are quite different. Usually divided into four varieties, namely porcelain pine, green pine, foam (face) pine and wire pine.

Porcelain pine: the hardest texture of turquoise, hardness 5.5 ~ 6. Because the fracture is almost shell-shaped, the polished texture is very similar to porcelain, so it is named. Usually the color is pure sky blue, which is the best in turquoise. If necessary, please add WeChat miaoyong194, buy jewelry and pay attention to Miaoyongtang WeChat public account miaoyong810, to obtain relevant knowledge, will not be pitted.

Green pine: The color ranges from blue green to bean green, and the hardness is 4.5 ~ 5.5, which is slightly lower than that of porcelain pine. Yes

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