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Four measures to create convenience service windows

Four measures to create convenience service windows

Quality Services Promote the Construction of a Harmonious Society

Convenient service center construction is an important part of the construction of a new countryside. In order to thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, in accordance with the overall requirements for building a socialist harmonious society, in accordance with the spirit of relevant documents of the district committee and government, and in combination with the actual situation of our town, we must focus on "service "People, promote harmony, and maintain stability" work goals to facilitate farmers 'production and livelihood, improve farmers' quality of life, integrate resources, and improve service functions, and build a convenient service center into a rural political, economic, and cultural center with distinctive features and complete functions. To promote the harmonious development of the new socialist countryside.

1. Strengthen leadership and focus on strengthening the organizational network.

With the development of our town's economy and society, the construction of convenient service centers serves as an entry point and a breakthrough in the construction of a new countryside. The town party committee and government have put the construction of convenient service centers on an important agenda. The first is to establish a leadership group. The town mayor is the team leader, the Minister of Human Martial Arts is the deputy team leader, and the heads of other relevant responsible offices are the team members. At the same time, it has an office, which is located in the town convenience service center. Each administrative village has set up an organization network system with a convenient service reception leading group, with the village secretary as the group leader, the village chief and civil servants as the group members, and college student village officials as the receptionists. It also breaks down the target tasks of the convenience service center, implements them to the people, clarifies the responsibilities, closely cooperates with relevant functional departments, and grasps the good structure of one level and one level of responsibility to ensure the normal operation of the convenience service center. The second is to strengthen training. After the organizational network is complete, in order to enhance staff's sense of responsibility, mission, and awareness of service and overall situation. Our town has held many mobilization training meetings, widely publicized, launched at various levels, strengthened political and business learning, and strengthened the policies and regulations and business levels of network workers.

Second, strengthen management and focus on standardized operation.

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