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[US20190245285A1] Method for manufacturing fixed structure by using fixed structural member [patent]

[CN109902161A] Method, device, equipment and storage medium for answer processing of question answering system [patent]

Into Geography (2) PPT Courseware

Into Geography Ultimate Edition PPT Courseware

Summary of Safety Work of Xiqiao Middle School in the First Semester of 20XX-20XX School Year

[CN109697982A] A speaker speech recognition system in a teaching scene [patent]

20XX-20XX second semester class plan

20XX-20XX The first semester of school year

[CN109665561A] Method for preparing self-sacrifice template of REVOSub4Sub [patent]

Top 10 colleges in urban planning

Summary of kindergarten class work in the last semester of the 20XX-20XX school year

Metrology case analysis simulation questions

[CN109584658A] Online teaching method, electronic equipment and system [Patent]

Summary of the work of the Young Pioneers in the first semester of the 20XX ~ 20XX school year

Chemical Automation and Instrumentation "Exercise PPT Courseware

Digital Logic Basics Chapter 07 (1)

"Basics of Digital Logic" Chapter 07 (2)

Digital Basis Chapter 03 (1)

Digital Basics Chapter 01

20XX-20XX The Second Semester Student Activities

Summary of the head teacher of the first semester of the 20XX-20XX school year

Personal summary of the practice department of the first semester of 20XX-20XX academic year

Jinxiang County Social Science Federation in 2016

University Physics Thermodynamics Teaching PPT Courseware

Thermodynamic Characterization of Materials PPT Courseware

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