Urban / Rural / Landscape Planning Page 1

[CN109902942A] Online management method, device and storage medium for residential house decoration inspection [patent]

[CN109903194A] An online management method, device and storage medium for community house decoration application [Patent]

[CN109797687A] Municipal road fence [Patent]

[CN109767645A] A parking assistance method and system based on AR glasses [Patent]

[CN109798910A] Automatic route planning method and equipment [Patent]

[CN109704540A] River and lake silt integrated treatment method and device [Patent]

[CN109601235A] A salt-tolerant and wind-resistant landscape forest in the coastal areas of South China [patent]

Code for construction and quality acceptance of urban bridge engineering

Urban hotel building plan design task

Urban house expropriation compensation bungalow volume ratio adjustment factor-demolition compensation

The core of urban lighting engineering design

The relationship between urban lighting projects and urban lighting

Establishment of urban LED lighting engineering design scheme

Green management system in the square

Square landscape design instructions

Summary of Xuzhou Botanical Garden Landscape Project

Ecological restoration plan for landfill

Landfill Design Specification

Realization of shortest path motion planning for 2D convex polygon robot

Comparison of Platform Construction Plans for Technology Transfer Centers by Region

Precautions for craft details when purchasing real estate apartment building sand table model

Construction and development planning of mining engineering specialty

Zoucheng land use master plan

Regional Planning of Shaodong Ecological Industrial Park

XX New District Administration Center East Control Area (High-quality Ecological Residential Area)

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