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[US20190276981A1] Fabric and its manufacturing method [Patent]

[US20190161388A1] Alkali-free glass substrate laminated substrate glass substrate production method [patent]

[RU189713U1] Single-core fire-resistant side wire [Patent]

[KR102052845B1] A two-way conveying system with tension control function [patent]

[KR102052348B1] Ventilation [Patent]

[KR102001804B1] Split supply device and manufacturing method [Patent]

[KR101999255B1] Article packaging device buffer supply device [patent]

[KR102021905B1] Adhesive device for waterproof zipper manufacturing [Patent]

[TW201938632A] Saturated copolyester resin and coating composition containing the same [patent]

[KR102022823B1] Exposure device and equipment manufacturing method [Patent]

[CN305181519S] One-handed mobile phone waterproof bag holder version [Patent]

[CN209890490U] A bending tempered glass forming equipment [Patent]

[CN209888332U] A double-layer corrugated composite paper board [Patent]

[CN209880183U] Flexible graphite grounding belt [Patent]

[CN209873452U] A coating device for aluminized paper production [Patent]

[CN209814594U] Storage device for resin processing [Patent]

[CN209780068U] Waterproof structure of exposed metal embedded parts on the roof [Patent]

[CN209890839U] Movement mechanism of fishing net braiding machine [Patent]

[CN209865838U] A stirring device made of ceramic mold [Patent]

[CN209749290U] Rubber protective film strip and corresponding film rolling rod suitable for plastic greenhouse card slot [patent]

[CN209774421U] Pipe fitting compactor [Patent]

[CN209812740U] A high consistency cement slurry spraying device [patent]

[CN209861850U] A new type of sprinkler irrigation device [patent]

[CN209723041U] Bolt lock type manhole cover [Patent]

[CN209679818U] A purification device for the absorption tower for the production of precious metals [patent]

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