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[CN209170335U] Matrix keyboard circuit with hardware debounce and interrupt signal [Patent]

[CN209267483U] Frequency conversion control system for belt conveyor [Patent]

[CN209168030U] A computer heat sink [Patent]

[CN109886416A] System chip with integrated artificial intelligence module and machine learning method [Patent]

[CN109934232A] Vehicle identification method, computer device, and computer-readable storage medium [patent]

[CN110007961A] An edge computing hardware architecture based on RISCV [patent]

[CN109902795A] Artificial intelligence module and system chip with input multiplexer in processing unit [Patent]

[CN109767504A] Intelligent parking lot charging method, computer device, computer-readable storage medium [patent]

[CN109816877A] Intelligent quilt rental machine and its using method [Patent]

[CN109815194A] Indexing method, indexing device, computer-readable storage medium, and electronic device [patent]

[CN109818884A] Multi-link data transmission method, transmitting device, receiving device and storage medium [patent]

[CN109714095B] A Full-Duplex Cognitive Wireless Network Physical Layer Security Transmission Method [Patent]

[CN109739553A] Parameter configuration method, device, terminal and storage medium [patent]

[CN109688244A] An efficient implementation method of wireless sensor network address configuration [patent]

[CN109698836A] A wireless LAN intrusion detection method and system based on deep learning [patent]

[CN109630432A] Volute case assembly and new fan with the same [Patent]

[CN109548053A] Method for synchronizing wireless configuration of networking equipment [Patent]

[AU2019100106A4] Wireless charging technology based tire container crane power system [patent]

Chapter 1 of "Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology"

Chapter VII of Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology

"Practical Tutorial for Commonly Used Information Technology Equipment" Chapter 3 Motherboard and Sound Card

"Practical Tutorials for Commonly Used Information Technology Equipment" Chapter 9 Printers and Plotters

51CTO Download-Jinxin AC New Thin AP Configuration Template Operation Guide

5. Motorola University

Research on Network Congestion Control Strategies and Stability Analysis

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