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[CN209745658U] A four-station intergranular corrosion station [patent]

[CN209668839U] A device for recovering precious metals in electroplating wastewater [Patent]

[CN209477901U] A graphite ball sander [Patent]

[CN209550542U] A foundry sand box convenient for ramming sand [Patent]

[CN209469416U] Natural gas recovery device with antifreeze mechanism [Patent]

[CN109945210A] A sludge phase separation heat treatment equipment and method with thermal energy recovery [patent]

[CN109916214A] Steam condensate residual energy utilization device [patent]

[CN109916363A] An IC-type polishing sheet defect inspection method [Patent]

[CN209232893U] Winding and pasting device and battery curling machine including the same [Patent]

[CN109942443A] Fluorinated tertiary amine compound, synthesis method and application [Patent]

[CN110115937A] An exhaust treatment device including an electrochemical cell [patent]

[CN109942995A] Sodium niobate polyvinylidene fluoride composite material with high dielectric properties and preparation method [Patent]

[CN109852791A] Method for preparing high-basic chromium-containing vanadium-titanium pellets using calcium oxide [patent]

[CN110530838A] A multi-component dye compatibility evaluation method [Patent]

[CN109928889A] Carboxylic betaine-type fluorine-containing compound, its synthesis method and application [patent]

[CN109929213A] Styrene-based mixed resin composition [Patent]

[CN109904089A] A test method for measuring silicon wafer metal [Patent]

[CN109898176A] A flexible stretchable hydrogel optical fiber sensor and its preparation and application [patent]

[CN110129853A] Anodizing film forming treatment agent and anodizing film forming method [patent]

[CN109879727A] Method for synthesizing anisole from phenol and methanol [Patent]

[CN109848080A] Automatic cleaning system for cleaning media for solar panel cleaning [Patent]

[CN109847555A] Device and method for recovering multiple gases in catalytic dry gas based on hydrate method [Patent]

[CN109833108A] A gas-liquid mixed punching nozzle [Patent]

[CN109959177A] A thermochemical energy storage system [Patent]

[CN109860558A] Graphene iron oxide film for lithium ion battery and preparation method and application thereof [Patent]

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