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[CN209598217U] An efficient chamfering machine [Patent]

[CN209523290U] An assembled house structure [Patent]

[CN110127284A] Staggered conveyor chain [Patent]

[CN110127285A] Chain unit [Patent]

[TWD199140S] Insect trap light (2) [Patent]

[CN109762939A] Primer, probe and kit for detecting catfish rhabdovirus [patent]

[CN109601872A] An oyster filling for preparing baked food and its production method [Patent]

[CN109652503B] PCRRFLP identification method for different subgroups of sugarcane white leaf phytoplasma [patent]

[CN109618916A] A breeding method of long-grain fragrant high-quality glutinous rice varieties [patent]

[USPP031285P2] iSalviaiplantnamed 'SweetPetite' [Patent]

[US20190245279A1] Press-fit terminal [Patent]

[USPP031284P2] iPulmonariaiplantnamed 'PrettyinPink'

[US20190250456A1] Display device [Patent]

[USD851405S] Adjustableviewingstandforacarryingcase

[US20190168966A1] Autonomous cabinet transportation [Patent]

[TW201934437A] Packaged beverage and its manufacturing method [Patent]

[US20190304960A1] Electronic device [Patent]

[US20190163237A1] Dock for tablet devices [Patent]

[US20190240874A1] Mould for MANUFATURING slab and manufacturing method [Patent]

[US20190170006A1] Two-part shaft seal [Patent]

[US20190250412A1] Display device [Patent]

[US20190302245A1] Time Coherent Network [Patent]

[US20190249360A1] Method and system for marking insect treated leather or hideout and identifying the same [patent]

[US20190160425A1] Method for treating odor [Patent]

[US20190244967A1] Non-volatile memory array and method for manufacturing same [Patent]

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