Traditional Chinese Medicine

[CN109602678A] Chinese medicine composition for removing freckle cosmetics and preparation method thereof [patent]

[US20190167731A1] Chinese medicine composition for acute stage treatment of cerebral infarction [patent]

[CN209826678U] A traditional Chinese medicine four diagnostic instrument [Patent]

[CN209826677U] TCM diagnostic light supplement system [patent]

[CN109700956A] A traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating bacterial respiratory disease in livestock and its production process [patent]

[CN109568546A] Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating rheumatoid arthritis and preparation method of its patch [patent]

5 prescriptions for life

TCM syndrome differentiation table for diabetes and hypertension

Riddles about Chinese herbs

The riddle about the mystery is the medicine

Contraindications of Chinese medicine supplements

Diagnostics short answer question bank

A brief summary of short answers to diagnostics

Test Questions and Answers of "Acupuncture and Moxibustion"

HD Chinese herbal medicine introduction

TCM training papers and answers

Chinese herbal medicine operation procedures

Draft for Traditional Chinese Medicine Formulation Granules

Open Course "Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine"

Liver cancer traditional Chinese medicine prescription

TCM diagnosis and treatment plan for dominant gynecological diseases

Li Ke, "Thoughts for the Treatment of Tumors"

How to choose test items

Creation and editing of selections

Side area of the rotating body

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