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"Chiyu" was also a name

Do not forget the beginning of heart and walk from the heart-my head teacher's "heart" method

The Reform and Development of Kindergarten Science Education in China in the Past 40 Years

Practical Exploration of the Integration of Traditional Minxi Traditional Culture into the Kindergarten Curriculum——Taking "Qiaotou" as an Example

A Brief Analysis of the Special Value of Family Education in Promoting the Moral Development of Primary School Students

Childlike classroom building for effective learning


Appreciate the magnificent scenery, analyze the lofty sentiments, and recognize the great people——Innovative teaching design of "Niannujiao Chibi Nostalgia"

Talking about the feelings of "Little Doudou by the Window" and its influence on oneself

Civilization begins with myth

Big Realm and Little Fun

Strategies for Open Education in Kindergartens Using Community Resources

Fun (Chinese painting works)

The Application of Simulated Classroom Teaching in the Design and Practice of Kindergarten Education Activities

Family motto, my growing mirror

Thinking and Action Design of Kindergarten "Smart Play Creation" Curriculum Activity Design

Incorporating "three hearts" to cultivate good habits for young children

English Picture Book Reading Leading the Development of Thinking with a Question Chain

The Application of Multimedia Technology in English Teaching

Make life a fertile place for young children to grow

The Promotion of Mobile APP in Oral English Teaching of Basic Education: Taking English Fluency as an Example

I want to catch fish with my dad

Analysis of the core characteristics of high-quality preschool teachers based on famous teacher studios

Should I educate my children on the subway?

On the Application of Reading Aloud in Poetry Teaching

I want to comment

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