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[CN109947741A] A method for modeling and storing item attribute parameters [Patent]

[CN109902063A] A system chip integrated with a two-dimensional convolution array [patent]

[CN109858161A] Abaqus meshing method based on Midas modeling and Matlab transformation [Patent

[CN109949072A] Vehicle charging method and device [Patent]

[CN109857986A] Method and device for implementing low-overhead cordic algorithm based on probability calculation [Patent]

[CN109842115A] An improved average consistency algorithm [Patent]

[CN109816530A] A financial transaction method based on deep reinforcement learning A3C algorithm [patent]

[CN109856431A] A cable device for a fault indicator [patent]

[CN109917151A] A relative wind fusion algorithm based on dynamic weight assignment [patent]

[CN109885697A] Method, device, equipment and medium for building data model [Patent]

[CN109816069A] Method and system for goods selection and sorting based on cross-validation [Patent]

[CN109829550A] Model evaluation method and device, model evaluation system and training method and device [patent]

[CN109756438A] OOFDM method and system based on LDPC coding probability shaping mapping [Patent]

[CN109858281A] A privacy protection method of blockchain account model based on zero-knowledge proof [Patent]

[CN109785173A] Method, device, device, and storage medium for insurance amount sharing based on link release [Patent]

[CN109814585A] Method for suppressing small-angle swing of space rope system assembly with approximately linear control [patent]

[CN109815930A] An evaluation method for fitting degree of motion simulation [patent]

[CN109815444A] Method and device for processing nonlinear data based on multiple linear regression [patent]

[CN109799709A] Two-dimensional swing control method for space rope assembly based on sliding mode variable structure control [patent]

[CN109800221A] A method, device and system for analyzing mass data association relationship [patent]

[CN109814376A] Pneumatic artificial muscle displacement control system and method based on nonlinear fitting network [Patent]

[CN109794938A] Robot hole making error compensation device and method suitable for curved structure [patent]

[CN109767503A] Parking lot billing method and device [Patent]

[CN109786103A] Semi-automatic winding machine [Patent]

[CN109724534A] A threshold selection method and device for iterative correlation imaging [patent]

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