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[CN209808394U] A 20MHz piezoelectric vibrator with an acoustic focal length of 6mm for high-frequency probes for clinical ophthalmological examinations [Patent]

Blood bank sewage treatment system-inspection department wall system

Laboratory safety management system-wall system of inspection department

Hitachi CR22G high-speed refrigerated centrifuge operating procedures

Common staining methods in clinical microbiology room

Technical specifications for clinical transfusion

Education and Training System for Clinical Departments

Quality Assurance System of Inspection Department-Inspection System

Correction method after out-of-control quality control in laboratory

Hospital Infection Management System-Laboratory System

Disinfection and Sewage Disposal System of Inspection Department-Wall System of Inspection Department

Standard Operating Procedures for Laboratory Quality Control in Biochemical Inspection

Technical Quality Management System of Inspection Division-Inspection System

Inspection Division Error Accident Registration System

UD-S Standard Operation Procedure File

Test-1 ESR Analyzer Standard Operating Procedure

Rejection System for Unqualified Specimens in the Inspection Department-System

Standard Operating Procedure for Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibodies

ST-360 Microplate Reader Standard Operating Procedures

Clinical Analysis of Tumor Markers

Clinical analysis of tumor markers 26081477

Clinical analysis of tumor markers 9554562

Clinical Analysis of Tumor Markers

Clinical Analysis of Tumor Markers

Clinical analysis of tumor markers 24691476

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