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[CN305352094S] Outdoor security inspection robot [Patent]

[CN305362235S] Armature parts shaft housing 1 [Patent]

[CN305181519S] One-handed mobile phone waterproof bag holder version [Patent]

[CN305194798S] Porcelain Handicraft No. Tea Pet 2 [Patent]

[CN209869244U] A fluidized molding machine for injection parts [Patent]

[CN209880183U] Flexible graphite grounding belt [Patent]

[CN305180637S] Public Security Police [Patent]

[CN209828464U] An energy saving and environmental protection type dust removal device [patent]

[CN209890839U] Movement mechanism of fishing net braiding machine [Patent]

[CN209891721U] Device for embedding and positioning junction box on aluminum formwork in floor concrete pouring [patent]

[CN209817197U] A soundproof building curtain wall [Patent]

[CN209842861U] An environmental monitoring data acquisition and transmission system [patent]

[CN209683898U] A latch type side box quick hanging device [patent]

[CN209861848U] Garden sprinkler irrigation system [Patent]

[CN209679818U] A purification device for the absorption tower for the production of precious metals [patent]

[CN209723044U] Fastened and assembled well cover [Patent]

[CN209798780U] A new type of roadbed slope reinforcement structure [patent]

[CN209645739U] Intelligent terminal device for indoor fire hydrant [Patent]

[CN209679779U] A kind of fast dust and haze purification machine [patent]

[CN209721752U] A water purification treatment system for nylon chip production [Patent]

[CN209637697U] Communication drill pipe [Patent]

[CN209714358U] A new extraction tower for injection chip production [patent]

Excerpt of Urban Design Abstract Landscape Architects Handbook

[CN209723669U] A building safety protection net [Patent]

[CN209634249U] Car roof without sunroof [Patent]

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