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Discuss whether Shatian cultural and artistic facilities can address the needs of physically disabled

Introduction to Environmental Art Design

1000 Words after Reading Philosophy of Art

After Reading Art as Experience

Gongdian Township Experimental Fanmo Opera Society Activity Record

"The Art of Love" 800 words after reading

"The Art of Love" after reading 1200 words

"The Art of Love" 1200 Words

Art school self-examination report _word version

Art education teacher report report _word version

Research Report on Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Students in the Department of Art

Holiday Social Practice Report of the Department of Art and Design_word version

Investigation report on the status quo of sports art education in compulsory education schools_word version

Guided art for efficient classrooms

800 Words in the Art of Guided Reading

350 words for our festival composition

Strengthening Language Arts and Improving Teaching Effect

Closing Ceremony of the Fifth Community Culture and Art Festival of Yangtze University

Henan Chen Yongquan's opera "Ms. Zhu An" (public script of the seminar of Shanghai Theatre Academy)

Gan Yong Ma Yong's Traditional Opera "Shui Luo City" (Public Script of Shanghai Drama Academy Seminar)

Hebei Chen Jianzhong's Peking Opera "The King of South Vietnam"

Rules and Regulations on the Handling of Lost and Damaged Books in the Library of Shanghai Theater Academy 2012

Chinese Opera Performing Arts

—Self-assessment report of art teachers in the academic year_word version

School Art Work Annual Report

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