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[CN209197978U] A pressure transmitter mounting bracket [Patent]

[CN209343180U] A logic control device based on a real-time bus with arbitrary function adaptation [Patent]

[CN110120820A] Antenna module and transmission system [Patent]

[CN109812157A] Hood electronic lock device, system and method [patent]

[CN109896035A] Auxiliary system for taking off, landing and carrying of multi-rotor drone on mobile platform [patent]

[CN109827846A] A method for judging rockburst tendency based on the lag ratio of loading and unloading response [patent]

[CN109765836A] Method, device and device for automatically generating PLC program [patent]

[CN109623721A] A transfer tool for the installation of satellite equipment [patent]

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[US20190163262A1] System and method for dynamic vehicle-mounted virtual reality [patent]

[TWM580080U] Crane system with emergency power-off device [Patent]

[US20190159806A1] Catheter Device Needle Assembly Kit and Method [Patent]

[TWM585830U] Engine cooling device [Patent]

[TWM580076U] Combination structure of special chain unit for paper tape filter [Patent]

[TWD201378S] Graphical user interface of display screen (2) [Patent]

[KR102033993B1] ... A IOTY signal-based maintenance management system with a specific shape pattern [Patent]

[TWM585177U] Multifunctional cleaning device [Patent]

[TWM582616U] URL input structure [Patent]

[TWM578485U] Bidirectional converter [Patent]

[TWM579718U] Display panel checker [Patent]

[CN305499328S] Pen-to-face robot [Patent]

[CN305366756S] Power data acquisition and transmission equipment [Patent]

[CN305431328S] amplifier with cover opening function [patent]

[CN305459366S] Graphical user interface for mobile terminals [Patent]

[CN305372398S] Mobile phone with percentage of time passed user interface [Patent]

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