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The Marriage Status of the Post-80s from the Quarrel of the Post-80s Couples

Viewing the marriage situation of the post-80s generation from the quarrel between the post-80s couples_1

Ren Yan: Investigation on Establishing People's Congress Working Institutions in the Streets

Two sample powers of attorney for non-litigation matters

Research Report on College Students' Internet Ethics

8.200204 Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law

Legal and regulatory compliance evaluation records

Basic framework of the legal system

"Safety" and "accident", 800 words

Basic contents of the transformation of administrative functions in China

Application for employment and salary certificate (except for private travel abroad)

3 drafts on parental custody of minor children after divorce

3-22 The Cognitive Status of Hunan Women's Legal Rights and Its Influencing Factors (1) 2

Faculty Team of Public Security Law Enforcement Case Study Training Teaching and Research Office (13)

Legal review system for major administrative enforcement decisions

1 On the Status and Countermeasures of Farmers' Legal Awareness

Improve quality and civilized audit in accordance with legal compliance procedures

1. Formulation and implementation of production safety responsibility system

Teacher criticism and self-criticism

Review system for administrative punishment cases

Flowchart of urban management law enforcement cases

Criminal settlement agreement and letter of understanding

19 types of legal documents summarized by senior lawyers, 80 practical writing tips (recommended collection)

General summary of criminal law norms for malfeasance (below)

Criminal law regulations for bribery

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