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【CN305370795S】 Pills for removing blood stasis and reducing blood fat capsule 2 [Patent]

[CN305234046S] Handwriting support for Parkinson's disease [Patent]

[CN209883134U] An ICU sick suit [Patent]

[CN209751178U] Deep vein puncture trocar can be tried on [patent]

[CN110006614A] Monitoring system and method for cloud droplet drifting tendency of aviation application liquid [patent]

[CN109875095A] Ultra-low temperature preparation method of cumin ultrafine powder which can be used for flavoring and adding cigarette products [Patent]

[CN109875738A] sputum aid after thoracoabdominal surgery [patent]

[CN109913371A] Three-dimensional polyball culture cavity mold and screening method for cancer cell chemotherapy drug concentration [Patent]

[CN109998480A] In vivo drug screening system [Patent]

[CN109998509A] An deflation device and a sphygmomanometer [Patent]

[CN109872823A] Medical emergency method and device [Patent]

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[CN109833094A] Push resistance measurement device and interventional surgery robot [Patent]

[CN109846898A] Application of englitazone in preparing medicine for treating and / or preventing myocardial infarction [patent]

[CN109846648A] A kind of isolation cabin for patient transfer in hospital [Patent]

[CN109785924A] Cross-platform oral medical inspection method and device [patent]

[CN109847069A] Hydrogel-encapsulated HIF1α overexpression lentiviral vector complex used for repairing brachial plexus avulsion nerve injury

[CN109821055A] Drug iodine oil solvent and preparation method thereof [Patent]

[CN109831832A] Method and device for preventing business interruption [Patent]

[CN109816655A] CT image-based lung nodule image feature detection method [Patent]

[CN109752548A] Combination reagent and system for assessing prognosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia [patent]

[CN109745592A] Cardiopulmonary bypass system [Patent]

[CN109717965A] Control device of root canal therapy instrument [Patent]

[CN109675038A] Composition for enhancing safety and clinical efficacy of low-concentration atropine drugs [patent]

[CN109700554A] A pediatric cleaning device [Patent]

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