Party and League work 第 1 页

How to Be a Qualified Communist Tell

Autobiography essay of activists who join the party

Corporate Party Lecture Notes

Corporate Party Member Commitment 2016

Volunteer template for serving disciplinary members

Joining conditions and procedures

Party membership activist training plan

Conditions and procedures for joining the party

Application for Excellent Membership Application Form for Excellent Membership _word version

Excellent Member Application Form _word version

_Word version

Lessons from the strict administration of the party: Adhering to the strict management of the party and forever the vitality of the party

09Administration and Management Group 1 Branch Themed Group Day "Activity at the Grassroots Level, Talent in Wangong"

7. League branch construction

"Communist Manifesto" after reading 1500 words

Quantitative assessment standards for outstanding party members

Strengthen team building and improve the effectiveness of moral education

University teacher turns self-certification _self-identification

The street's annual clean government construction and discipline inspection and supervision plan

April latest IRS cadre diligence and honesty deeds

Party member learning materials in April

Oath membership procedure for group members_application form

Relevant activity records of the 2012 branch

004 (pages 20-26) Opinions of the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the Education Work Committee on Strengthening the Work of Party Members in Higher Education

1,500 ideological reports of activists joining the party in May

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