Early childhood education

Children's Books Children's English Tang Poetry Song Ci Parenting Theory Experience

Primary education

Primary School Composition

Junior high school education

Subject Contest Other Courses

High school education

High School Composition College Entrance Examination Subject Competition Other Courses

Higher education

Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Medicine, Literature, Philosophy, History, Law, Pedagogy, Agriculture, Military Arts, Graduate Admission Examination

Foreign language test

English Exam English Learning Japanese Learning French Learning Korean Learning Other Language Learning

qualification exam

Civil Service Examination Judicial Examination Accounting / Financial Examination IT Certification Practice Qualification Examination Delivery Regulation Exam Other Exam

teaching research

Teaching case / design teaching plan teaching reflection / report

Humanities and Social Sciences

Legal Information Military / Political Advertising / Media Design / Art Education / Psychology Culture / Religious Philosophy / Sociology of Historical Literature Research

Management Marketing

Economics / market finance / investment human resource management financial management production / operation management corporate management public / administrative sales / marketing

Engineering Technology

Information and Communication Electronics / Circuit Building / Civil Engineering and Urban / Garden Planning and Environmental Science / Food Science and Electric Power / Water Conservancy and Transportation Energy / Chemical Machinery / Instrument Metallurgy / Mining / Geological Textiles / Light Industry Materials Science Weapons / Nuclear Science

IT / Computer

Internet computer basics computer software and application computer hardware and network

Natural sciences

Mathematical Physics Chemistry Biology Astronomy / Geography

Medicine & Health

Clinical MedicineBasic MedicinePreventive MedicineTraditional Chinese MedicinePharmacy

Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Medicine, Fishery

Job / Workplace

Resume cover / template job hunting / interview career planning self-management and promotion

Plan / Solution

Study Plan Work Plan Business Plan Marketing / Event Planning Solution Other

Summary / Report

Study summary Practice summary Work summary / report other

Party work

Reporting on Party Building Thoughts / Experiences and Experiences Joining the Party / Applying for Others

Work essay

Institutional / standard administrative documentsOther lectures / hosts

Forms / templates

Contract Agreement Letter Template Form Template Survey / Report

PPT template

Business technology simple abstract art creative cute fresh festival celebration cartoon animation

PPT production skills

Picture / text skills animation / interaction skills audio / video skills other skills


Medical Computer / Internet Architecture / Civil Engineering Natural Science Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Communication / Electronic Environmental Science / Food Science Electricity / Water Conservancy Transportation Energy / Chemical Machinery / Instrument Metallurgy / Mining / Geological Textiles / Light Industry Material Science Weapons / Nuclear Science

Humanities and Social Sciences

Philosophy / Historical Military / Political and Literature Studies Education / Psychology Legal Information Advertising / Media Design / Art Sociology Culture / Religion

Management Marketing

Economics / market finance / investment human resource management financial management production / operation management corporate management public / administrative sales / marketing


Early childhood education elementary education junior high education high school education foreign language learning qualification examination / certification graduate entrance examination

Office applications

Plan / Solution Summary / Report Job Application / Workplace Form / Contract Party and League Work


Management Papers Social Science Papers Literary Papers Opening Reports Economic Papers Legal Papers Medical Papers Philosophy Papers Art Papers Papers Guidance / Design Communication Papers Natural Science Papers University Thesis Graduation Thesis Journal / Conference Paper

Secondary education

Test questions teaching research vocational education middle school entrance examination middle school composition college entrance examination sports theory and teaching middle school experimental music art high school education competition questions junior high school education middle school study case middle school courseware college entrance examination English

Higher education

Engineering Science , History , Agriculture , Philosophy, Learning Questions / Examination Questions, Popular Science, University Courseware, Graduate Courseware, Ideological and Political Science, Basic Teaching Materials, Biology, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Calculus, Statistics, Experimental Design

Foreign language learning

English Basic English Reading GRE IELTS / l-SAT TOEFL Translation Basics Business English French Learning Grammar Japanese Learning GMAT English Specialty Level 4-8 English Dictionary English Level 4 English Reading Materials Small Language Language English Writing English Listening English Spoken English Vocabulary Korean Learning Russian language learning

IT computer

Computer application / office automation.NET data structure and algorithm Java SEO C / c-++ data linux / Unix related mobile phone development UML theory / modeling parallel computing / cloud computing embedded development windows related software engineering management information system development document graphics image Network and communication network information security electronic payment Labview matlab network resources Python Delphi / Perl Flash / Flex CSS / Script computer principle PHP data data mining and pattern recognition Web service database Visual Basic e-commerce server search engine optimization storage architecture industry software artificial intelligence computer aided Design multimedia software test computer hardware and maintenance website planning / UE web design / UI Internet cafe management

research report

Statistical Yearbook / Data Analysis Industry Policy Commercial Trade National Defense Military Transportation Security Industry Light Industry New Energy Pharmaceutical Industry Petrochemical Technology Guidance Coal Education Finance Metallurgy Agriculture Forestry Animal Husbandry and Fishery Information Industry

Office documents

Research paperwork documents rules and regulations activity planning joint stock documents statistics charts office software application solutions PPT template material concise tutorial work plan exchanges clerical work summary bidding bid fax letter meeting minutes product manual curriculum design education model notice / application resume resume description paper speech dictionary

Industry information

Home appliance industry paper printing textile clothing food and beverage hotel catering logistics and supply chain exhibition daily necessities nautical / ship media aquatic products / fisheries and animal husbandry public safety / safety evaluation forestry horticulture crop chemical industry domestic and foreign standards and regulations light industry / handicraft retail water conservancy project daily agricultural engineering system Integrated metallurgy industry metallurgy and metal technology sociology weapon industry energy and power engineering atomic energy technology experiment home industry culture creative ship industry technology aviation / aerospace oil and gas industry mining engineering transportation tourism entertainment interior design industrial design

Life and leisure

Constellation Horoscope Religion Feng Shui Society People's Livelihood Beauty Sculpting Handmade Entertainment Fashion Charging Exchange Funny Humor Network Life Science Popularization Knowledge Current Affairs News Lottery Clothing Accessories Home Decoration Food Cooking Outdoor Sports

Building environment

Railway Engineering Construction Paper Construction System Real Estate Architectural Drawings / Pictures / Signs Environmental Protection Industry Water Supply and Drainage / HVAC and Intelligent Surveying Building Planning Geotechnical and Geological Survey Safety Civilized Construction Building Material Standard Civil Air Defense Engineering Building Material Production Technology Repair Reinforcement and Reconstruction Ancient Engineering Garden Engineering Greening Engineering Municipal Engineering Highway and Bridge Building Materials Engineering Supervision Engineering Cost Fireproof Building Decoration Decoration Insulation Building Waterproof Building Waterproof Building Energy Saving Environmental Science Engineering English Building Science Building Machinery Intelligent Building Electrical Installation Engineering Building Standards ISO Tender Document Construction Organization Design and Scheme Architectural Design Architectural Code of Construction Materials

Law / jurisprudence

Principles of International Trade Law / Policy Legal Instruments Theory / Case Administrative Law National Law / Constitutional Finance Law Financial Law Economic Law Labor Law Agricultural Economic Management Law Civil Law Patent Law Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Law Chinese Legal History Countries Laws Local Law Criminal Law Procedural Law Marriage Law Commercial Law international law

Communication / Electronics

Network Planning and Network Optimization WiMAX Technology Operators and Manufacturers Information Electronic and Electrical Automation Exams / Interface Test Questions TD-SCDMA Technology Core Network Technology 3G CDMA 95 / c-DMA2000 / EV Technology WCDMA Technology Monitoring Indoor Distributed Video Conference Radio Electronics / Telecommunication Technology Electronic Design Optical network transmission data communication and network antenna / microwave / radar 4G and new technologies GSM / GPRS / EDGE

Graduate exam

Comprehensive tutoring, consulting, postgraduate, political, postgraduate, mathematics, MBA / MPA major

Economy / Trade / Accounting

Trade Commodity Import and Export Licensing Market Analysis Economics Finance / National Financial Asset Evaluation / Accounting Tax Inspection and Collection / Audit Network Marketing / Economy

Early childhood / primary education

Education Management Learning Methods Elementary School Cases Elementary Education Elementary School Exam Early Childhood Education Love Education Primary Schoolware Extracurricular Knowledge

Management / Human Resources

Marketing Innovation Entrepreneurship Recruitment Interview Corporate Culture Personnel Files Employee Relations Promotion Planning Company Solutions Enterprise Information Management Information Capital Operation Enterprise Documents Advertising Operating Financial Statements Marketing Inspirational Books Tools Commercial Contract Project Management Business Etiquette Management Planning Performance Management Pay Management Quality Management Property Management Sales management agency chain project management information management labor employment consulting training labor contract

Automotive / Mechanical / Manufacturing

Electrical technology production safety industrial automation CNC machine tool software software repair and maintenance PCB manufacturing processing technology automobile modification machinery, instrument industry special equipment engineering materials machinery theory and information automobile theory engine combustion / fuel injection automobile test and fault diagnosis automobile technology automobile engineering manual automobile Standard automotive repair / maintenance automotive marketing CAD / c-AE / c-AM automotive job reporting machinery / mold design

Medicine / Psychology

Department of Neurosurgery Burns Ophthalmology Stomatology Dermatology and Venereology Psychology Theory / Research Methods Otorhinolaryngology Pharmacy Chinese Medicine / Health Health Foreign Ethnic Medicine Special Medicine Psychological Consultation and Psychotherapy Gynecology and Obstetrics Surgery Internal Medicine Clinical Medicine Neurology and Psychiatry Oncology Pediatrics Orthopaedics Rehabilitation Medicine Medicine Status and Development Anesthesiology Nursing Laboratory Medicine Psychological Health Education Basic Medicine Acupuncture Preventive Medicine Hygiene Medical Research Methods Critical Medicine Virology Medical Imaging Veterinary Psychology Test Papers / Courseware Psychology Papers Psychology Books

Qualification / Certification Exam

Civil Service Examinations Upgraded Exams Self-study Teacher Qualification Examination Judicial Examination Microsoft Certification Cisco Certified Public Accountant National Translation Qualification Physician / Pharmacist Qualification Exam Accounting Title Exam Customs Exam Qualification Exam Human Resource Manager Security Engineer Examination Training Asset Evaluator Exam Technician Vocational Skill Exam Banking Qualification Computer Rank Exam Nutritionist Certified Logistics Specialist Exam Registered Tax Specialist Qualification Exam Financial Planner Architect Exam Quality Management System Certified Construction Exam

Financial securities

Stock medium and long- term skills insurance stock short-term skills stock classic information stock technical indicators learning futures financial information investment financing / leasing financial information stock report macroeconomic foreign language report industry analysis

Literature / Art / Military / History

Historiography Theory World History Literature Studies Chinese History Literature Works Relics Archeology Folklore Tradition Inspirational Poems Prose Essays Reports Literature Cartoon Anime Military Observation Children's Books Ancient Literature Materials Foreign Literature Culture Communication World Countries Art Painting and Calligraphy Fine Arts World Masterpieces Books Animation Culture Art Theory Drama Art dance vocal instrument music world military military theory film, television art military technology
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